Faculty Recruitment

Voluntary Information Request (VIR)

OSU is a federal contractor and as such is required by Executive Order 11246 to record race and gender information for all job applicants or candidates for the purpose of evaluating and improving the University’s Affirmative Action Program.  Federal regulations mandate that all applicants or candidates for all open positions be provided the opportunity to self-identify in certain protected categories.   

Best Practices for Faculty Search and Screen Committees at Oklahoma State University - Spring 2018

For positions listed on and applied through Cornerstone (http://jobs.okstate.edu/), this information is solicited through the application process and requires no additional work by hiring managers or committees.

For positions that are recruited and filled utilizing resources other than Cornerstone (http://jobs.okstate.edu/), which includes most faculty and very few staff positions, the hiring managers or search committee chairs must request candidates self-identify by sending each candidate/applicant a link to a web-based self-identification form on Surveymonkey.com.

For each position recruited outside of Cornerstone (http://jobs.okstate.edu), a specific response to question 5 of the web-based self-identification form is created for each position in order to identify distinct applicant pools.  At the beginning of the search process, the search committee chair will receive an email message providing the exact response to question 5 of the self-identification form candidates/applicants should use for the survey. 

In regards to inviting applicants to self-identify, the search committee chair is required to individually direct each candidate to the web-site (surveymonkey.com) to complete/submit the voluntary self-identification information.  This is usually done when the committee chair acknowledges receipt of the application material.  This direction to the candidate is usually accomplished by cutting and pasting the suggested wording from the email message received at the beginning of the search process.

If you receive questions regarding the Voluntary Information Request process please know:

There is no obligation for the applicant to respond (OSU has an obligation to ask the question, the applicant is not required to respond), however the applicant may choose to do so at the time of request or in the future;

  • individual responses will remain confidential within the Office of Equal Opportunity;
  • responses will be used in aggregate and only for the necessary information to include in our Affirmative Action reporting requirements;
  • the information provided is not part of the applicant’s official application for employment; and
  • refusal to provide this information will have no bearing on the selection process and will not subject the applicant to any adverse treatment.

Applicant Tracking

Executive Order 11246 and its implementing regulations require that OSU closely monitor applicant pools; if you are not using OSU Jobs (http://jobs.okstate.edu), which automates applicant tracking, you will need to manually track the applicant pool using a spreadsheet.  For your convenience and to provide University-wide consistency, the Office of Equal Opportunity has created a spreadsheet with embedded macros and formulas for your committee to use to track applicants.  Feel free to use this spreadsheet for internal tracking purposes.  For EEO purposes, when an applicant is hired, please finalize the spreadsheet and email it to eeo@okstate.edu with the subject heading “Candidate Spreadsheet [POSITION NUMBER].”  This spreadsheet is not optional, this information is required under federal EEO laws, and your compliance in this regard is imperative. We expect to receive the completed spreadsheet at the same time we receive the recruiting report.  You may elect to scan the request to staff and include it in the same email.

Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at (405) 744-7607 with any questions, or to schedule formal search committee training, which is available upon request.